Return To Kingdom 2022
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weather typically like during the time of the trip?

The weather in Nigeria around this time is usually warm at an average of about 80 to 85 degrees. We are finishing with the rainy season.

What types of clothes should I pack and what clothing shouldn’t I bring? 

  1. Casual wear
  2. Remember that you are a dignitary on this trip, so no school boy wears.
  3. You can pack shorts for when you are relaxing in your room
  4. Consider swim trunks but NO DIGNITARY swims in the pool
  5. Bring your favorite African garb- Another set will be made for you.
  6. Flip-flops are convenient. The soil in the east is red so avoid white kicks unless you plan to give them away afterward. Bring dress shoes for your African garb
  7. We are planning for a photo shoot with suit jackets in the East. Stay tuned for the memo about this.

Should I bring anything to gift to the children?

If you have any gifts, please pass them to Eche and we will give these as a group and ensure they are distributed equitably.

Should I exchange currency stateside or wait until we are in Nigeria?

NO!! Any expense you wish to make, let Eche or my staff (Ego) know and we can ensure they are exchanged at the going rate and avoid you being cheated. Ideally, the best is to keep a tab that can be settled afterward.

Can I venture around by myself during downtime? 

NO!! This is extremely non-advisable because of security reasons.

Should I only consume bottled water during my visit?

Yes. Only bottled water. These will be made available to you at all times.

Are there any customs that I should be cognizant of?

All the customs will be explained by your guides so that you are cognizant and compliant.

What is the due date for the final payment?

Ideally, 4 weeks before take off.

How should I approach tipping? 

Please DO NOT tip anyone. It is NOT customary to tip as it is in America.

At the end of the trip, we will pool our tips towards our pertinent staff.

Am I required to pay any additional expenses during the trip? 

Any additional expense can be tallied on a tab.

Will I be filmed for promotional purposes?

Yes! We will be documenting this trip and collecting content for future marketing.

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